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            Sunset Beach Estate is a beach village nestled among the unparalleled natural beauty offering seclusion and tranquility on the spacious land for all nature lovers and whoever dreams of having an affordable beach house. Details of the project are as follows:  

1. Location
      Sunset Beach Estate is located on the square piece of land, covering the area of 92 Rais and 1 Ngan. The land is adjacent to the white sand beach and crystal clear ocean with the coastline of 380 m. The road leading to the project site is wide and only 500 m. from Sukhumvit road, k.m. 161.5, which is 14 k.m. from Pattaya, or 3 k.m. and 1 k.m. before reaching Bang Sa Ray and Nong Nooch Village, respectively. more...

2. Area and the number of land plots
      The total area is divided into 111 plots of land. The small plots of land vary from 168 to 200 square Wa, whereas the larger plots range from 280 to 426 square Wa. more...

3. Price
      Land price, inclusive of development and fundamental facilities costs, is Baht 28,100 per square Wa, while the plots adjacent to the beach cost Baht 75,000 per square Wa. (Land price is subject to change without prior notice) more...

4. Facilities
4.1 Road
      Each road is asphalted. The main road to the beach is 10 m. wide with 1 m. wide pavement and drainage ditch on each side of the road. The minor roads are 8 m. wide in a smooth, asphalted, Single Treatment style in accordance with the standard of the Department of Highway.
4.2 Electricity
      Three high voltage wires are used to take electricity from Sukhumvit road to the project site, which would be transformed into low voltage electricity of 160 KVA and 500 KVA to each plot of land. The purchaser is obligated to pay the cost of meter installation and internal wiring process in compliance with the regulations of the Provincial Electricity Authority, as well as having a 20W light bulb in front of the land for the sake of security.
4.3 Water
      Water for general usage is from ground water tested and proved to be hygienic and clean. The excavation area of ground water, including water reservoir, water pump, and water storage tank of more than 1,000 cubic meter, are in the east of the project connected to each plot of land through water pipeline. The purchaser would be responsible for the cost of water meter installation as required by the village’s regulations, as well as monthly water expense at the normal rate of Baht 13 per cubic meter.
4.4 Telephone
      The purchaser may have the project (coordinator) make a reservation for telephone number with Telephone Organization of Thailand.

5. Entertainment and Recreational Facilities
5.1 Club on the western beach offers the guest room, conference room, games room, snooker room, fitness, sauna, and village office.
5.2 Restaurant in the club with the capacity of 200 guests offering beverage bar, banquet room, barbeque lawn, welcome both residents and visitors.
5.3 Swimming pool covering more than 700 square meter providing all standard equipment with the foremost position of coastline on the west of the club.
5.4 Two, hard tennis courts next to the project’s fence in the south, close to children playground and park, open also during night time.
5.5 Dock with the capacity of 14 of 17-25 feet boat located in the club near the beach.

6. Security
      The project assures high security through its 24 hours security guards divided into 2 shifts, from 6a.m. – 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. The resident is obliged to pay monthly security expense; however, the cost is not required for non-resident. (Empty Plot)

7. Cleaning and central area maintenance
      Cleaning and central area maintenance services are provided, including the beach cleaning, lawn mowing, plants watering, drainage ditch cleaning, and street and fence lighting during the night time. The land owners shall be responsible for monthly central maintenance expense effective from the signing date.
Garbage can and garbage disposal services are also available, while the resident shall pay monthly expense.

8. Planting
      The project is pleased to offer planting service of 5 perennials free of charge, in which the purchaser may select the preferred kinds of perennials from our list as follows:

Jackfruit, Mango, Indian Jujube, Guava, Custard Apple, Pomegranate Tree, Mangosteen, Tamarind Tree, Rose Apple, Bread Fruit, Cashew Nut Tree, Indian Rubber, Banyan Tree, Bengal Almond, Queen’s Flower, Pandanus Odoratissimus, Indian Willow, and Yellow Oleander

      The taking care of the plants during the first 3 months will be free of charge; still, the purchaser would have to pay monthly maintenance expense for having the task continued. The service includes weeding, pesticide spraying, fertilizing, watering, and plant decorating. The purchaser may wish to have other kinds of plants than stated in the list and is also entitled to receive the similar planting service free of charge for the first 5 perennials. For additional plants, however, the purchaser will have to pay the project labor expense for soil preparation, planting, and fertilizer.

9. Lawn keeping
      Lawn keeping and lawn mowing services are provided and charged on a monthly basis according to the lawn area should the purchaser wishes the project staff carry on the task. The purchaser who has not yet commenced the house construction must pay monthly lawn mowing expense in conformity with the village’s regulations until the house is completely built.

10. Village Office
      The project has its village office in the club building, comprising the offices of manager and staff equipped with necessary tools and utensils. There are also offices of cleaning, maintenance, planting, public relations, etc., which could be reached via the telephone number (038) 237280, 237083, and 237084.

11. House construction
      The project offers design and construction services for 2,3, or 4 bedroom house that enables the purchaser to discuss in details and optimize the construction cost on a case by case basis. The design expense will be charged 10% of the construction cost. The purchaser is also required to submit the blue print to the project (manager) for approval prior to the construction. The house must be 3 m. from the fence and should not be higher than 8.50, whereas the fence should not be higher than 0.80 m., etc.

12. Payment method
12.1 Pay by cash
      30% of the price is required as deposit on the reservation date or contract signing date. The rest shall be paid within the next 2 months upon the transfer of land ownership at the Department of Land, Chonburi province.

12.2 Pay by installments
      30% of the price is required as down or deposit on the reservation date or contract signing date. The rest shall be paid within 2 months by arrangement through the bank.

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